The below support groups were collectively created for parents raising a Black or Mixed-heritage child in predominantly White context to providing opportunities to reaffirm their racial and ethnic identities as a positive source of pride.

Racial and ethnic identities can play a crucial role in enabling Mixed and Black heritage children to overcome feelings such as isolation, low self-esteem but can also help to nurture cultural & racial pride and create a sense of belonging and acceptance that may not always be supported in their everyday life.

I am so proud to share the below spaces with you that families across Europe have come together to create ranging from formal organizations to informal groups.

This list aims to share some of the affinity groups that we are aware of by location and that you may wish to consider making use of. Of course, if you do not see one available where you live, you can always consider forming your own!

International location Group Link:

Austria (Vienna and Graz) Schwarze Mamas – Black Momlife

France Expats of Color in Paris France

Germany (Berlin) Eoto Black Youth

Germany (Berlin) Sankofa Kita

Germany (Bremen) Die Schwarze Kinderbibliothek

Germany (various locations) Black Dads Germany

Global Various black expat communities

Poland Polish interracial families

Portugal Black in Portugal

Switzerland (Bern) Ijeoma Parenting

Switzerland (Geneva) Yeba School GVA

Switzerland (Zurich) AfroSwiss Families

United Kingdom (Brighton) MOSAIC Black and Mixed-Parentage Family Group

United Kingdom(Devon & South West) Mixed Families Together
United Kingdom (Dorset) Jurassic Multicultural
United Kingdom (online & various location meet-ups) The Mixed Family Conversation

Global (online) Samahra (Parents of Multiracial kids)

Global (online) Samahra Rise (Multiracial Teens)

Please be aware that this list is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered an official endorsement. Some of the groups mentioned may have undergone changes since the publication of this resource. If you have any additions or amendments you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact Motsabi at

Best wishes

Motsabi Rooper

Supporting parents of mix raced children

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