The not so happy Prince – ebook


The little story is for when the weather gets rough (for both adults and kids).

This is a downloadable ebook.

The little story is for when the weather gets rough (for both adults and kids). Here are my words to you: 

Growing up is not always an easy thing, particularly if you are a bright, kind and promising person. Even then, it often comes with expectations.  

Expectations that can sometimes be much too overwhelming and too hard to live up to. 

But maybe you don’t want to live up to the expectations others put on you. Maybe you have other plans for your life. 

Here is the thing, you are the captain of your own ship. You can be in charge and take control of your life and the direction it takes. Yes I know, there are things outside our control, i.e. the weather, but even then, you do have a choice. You could give up and let the wind, storm or heat take over – maybe even sink the boat. Or you can take charge and sail up or down the wind, or take shelter from the sun to protect yourself. 

The aim of the little simple fairy tale story is for you to be aware of that you DO have a choice, even when you think you don’t. And hopefully will make you stop and think and allow you to be the prince (or princess) you want to be. Be you…

I wrote this story for my daughter (in her late teens) when her weather was rough and the waves were getting to high. Every day over a month I send her one little paragraph of the story ended with ‘to be continued tomorrow’. 

Here are her words:

My mum sent me this story when I was experiencing some funky weather of my own a few years ago. For me it is a story of someone trying to find out who they are outside of the expectations that they have of themselves, or think that others have of them. I hope it can act as a reminder, as it did for me, that your work is not your worth and that you are more than what you are capable of producing. It’s okay to stand still because the world is much more interesting when you actually have the time to look at it. And it turns out not everyday wants to be seized anyway. So instead of making small talk about the weather I hope we can keep talking about all the messiness of mental health as if our lives depended on it. Michelle O’Higgins Theilmann 



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