Parenting by the day with 23 Tools


Well done! Just by opening this booklet you are already a good enough parent. 

OK-ish is good enough: 

And ‘good enough’ is fine. It is OK not to be (or even try to be) ‘The Perfect Parent’, since that would be impossible. Practice doesn’t make perfect – it makes progress and creates good habits. So, as long as you are aware of your mistakes, willing to learn from them, open to changing what needs changing and giving it a go – then that is good enough! 


In this book I have brought together 23 of some of the most common challenges that parents bring to me and aligned them with a number of simple tools that you can refer to according to your current situation and challenges. 

Aim of the booklet: 

  • In this booklet you will find tools, motivational blogs, articles, poems and quotes to inspire you and hopefully make you smile. 
  • But the main aim is to guide you towards getting the balance right between spending positive time with your children and at the same time having the confidence and tools to set boundaries when needed. Boundaries that sit well with you, and your values, and still respect the child. 

This will help you to create more positivity, co-operation and connection in your home instead of anger, stress, battles and yelling. By bringing all of this together hopefully you will begin to feel (and act) more measured, assertive and confident as a parent. Instead of maybe impulsive, aggressive and insecure. 


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