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My motto: We have no rights over our kids – only obligations and responsibilities.

My team and I  help navigate parenting life with courage, confidence and self-awareness so we can raise independent and responsible children who grow up to be well adjusted adults who can function well and happily in the society they live in



I am an experienced writer and qualified life coach. My qualifications include:


Parenting Blogger

Social Psychology Degree

Parent, Family & Youth Coach with the Coaching Academy of London

Level 3 City & Guilds “Working with Parents”

Webster Stratton Group Leader
Family Link Parent Facilitator
Degree in Nutrition
NLP practitioner

a bit about me

I am originally from Denmark. Married to an Irishman for over 30 years and together we have three children aged 22, 24 and 26. As a family we have previously lived in Brussels, China and London and we currently live between Ireland and Nice.

Areas I cover

Parenting Community App

More than ‘just’ an app:  With the Parenting Community App parents are never alone.  At our monthly online meet up, and via the private community group, parents can connect with likeminded parents and get support from the broad panel of trained experts.

The Parenting Community App help navigate parenting with confidence, courage and self-awareness so parents can raise independent and responsible children who grow up to become well-adjusted adults who can function well and happily in any society.

Parents always have access to a wealth of information and resources when they need some instant support.

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Parenting Blogger

I am here to offer some free support that might be of interest to the parents in your school community or organisation.

Corporate Parenting
Family, Life & Work Integration

Parents today, particularly working parents, are under more pressure than ever. This pressure can often leave parents confused, frustrated and stressed, that will have a  knock on effect on your children’s well-being, overall family and work life balance

I support working parents switching from work mode into family life – from employee to mum or dad, and vice versa. This will help them maintain their connection to home and still perform well at work.

By working closely with parents (or your company) I can help create a more harmonious home, where parents feel more in charge of overall life. 

Relocation/international family move

Are you moving your employee and family overseas? If the move has been properly planned and supported it is likely to have less of a negative effect on each family member. If the family adapts well to the move and things at home are balanced and running smoothly your employee is much more likely to settle well into his/her new role.

Work, life balance

Support your employees to create a family, work & life system that is tailored to their individual situation and values.

Adjusting to a new executive position in the company

Moving up in a company is an exciting and rewarding opportunity but also comes with new pressures and expectations for the employee and his/her family. I support your employees creating a work, life and family system that works for their situation and individual values. A healthy relationship between family and work enables your employees to focus and enjoy their work knowing that home is more harmonious.

How can we work together? I run online parenting seminars tailor made for the needs of your parents. Additionally, I offer one2one parenting support for the parents who needs additional support to create the family, life & work balance that work for them and their individual situation. 

One to One Parent Coaching

How does coaching work?

I offer individual/couples support to help overcoming challenges within your family. In a safe and non-judgmental online space we will explore what is going on in your family life, foster realistic goals and create practical strategies for managing behaviours.

When you sign up for parent coaching with me you get FREE access to our Parenting Community App, CLICK here to explore the app

What to expect from parent coaching

I see you as the true experts of your children and family life: I believe that everyone is capable of working things out for themselves. After all, we know our children and ourselves better than anyone else.  However, we might not always have the time, energy or inspiration to do so without a little help.

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What parents have said about my work

“Mette conducted interactive parenting events for the Parents of Year 10 boys. They were run in an informative, helpful and professional way St. James’s Boy School Ashford Lorraine Soares – Academic Director

“Mette is a wonderful presenter who clearly knows her stuff” – Bishopsgate School Egham, Dan Boorman – Deputy Headmaster

Support for Schools


We know that all schools want to boost their parent’s and teacher’s confidence so they can raise resilience and independent kids who enter school ready to learn and socialise. But we also know that most schools often don’t have the time to do so. Therefore, we have made our school packages simple and easy for you CLICK here to read more about our Personal Support Plan for schools. All you need to do is CLICK here to set up a informal chat with us to see how we can support your school

We offer personal support plans that can be tailormade to school’s budges, values and needs. The plan contain webinars, workshops, articles, blogs, online live support meetups and a 24/7 community space. Schools choose the topics and with my team of 20 trained experts we offer a broad range from independency resilient, raising/teaching a SEN child, parenting your LGBTQ+ child/student, parenting during divorce, healthy body image, supporting a bilingual global child/student and much much more.

“We are our kids’ strongest role model”

Online parenting webibnars

Interaction and connection with like-minded parents

All my online workshops are run interactive & friendly and can be hired by organisations & schools or company.

Raising an independent child with additional needs

HELP, my child is bullied!

My coaching philosophy

The two best things you can do for your children are: Looking after yourself (if you are ok your family will be ok) and aim for connections to each of your family member!

Connect before correct! As parents we will always have to deal with our kids’ behaviour at some stage. But this will become so much easier if our starting point is closeness and trust instead of distance and hostility.

“No one said that parenting was going to be easy!”

By attending parent coaching I can’t guarantee that your family struggles and battles will go away. But I CAN guarantee that you will walk away with solutions that will fit your individual family life.

There is no ‘right way’ of parenting – only the  right way for YOU and your family:

All families are unique and all family members are individual. Together we will explore a parenting style that works for you and fits your family values and situation.

“The weak don’t ask for help so stay weak…asking for help is a sign of strength, growth and change” – John Wooden

Parent Coaching is ‘Time Out’ for you, to invest in your family’s future.

We are our kids strongest role model:

With our behaviour, attitude and way of thinking we set the scene at home. I help you to understand how your kids see, feel and hear you in order to create an atmosphere that you are happy for your kids to copy!

What people say about my service

The Parenting Community App is an 'one-stop shop' for all things parenting/family related and parenting makes it seem less overwhelming.

There is a wealth of information on the web but to be able to go to what is essentially a ‘one-stop shop’ in the Parenting Community for all things parenting/family related makes it seem less overwhelming’ Gemma, in the UK and mum of two boys Soares – Academic Director

I love being in the chat rooms sharing experiences about life's ups and downs too!

Being a part of this wonderful community has enabled me to be calmer not always but to also understand the neurological impacts on our family. You have an enormous wealth of expertise and changed my life knowing I can use the community as an encyclopedia of information  Liz, in the UK and mum of two. 

Informative, helpful and professional

“Mette conducted interactive parenting events for the Parents of Year 10 boys. They were run in an informative, helpful and professional way – St. James’s Boy School Ashford Lorraine Soares – Academic Director

Wonderful presenter

“Mette is a wonderful presenter who clearly knows her stuff” – Bishopsgate School Egham, Dan Boorman – Deputy Headmaster

Best choice by far

“I had done quite a lot of research to find a partner to deliver interventions to help our working parents. Mette was the best choice by far in terms of expertise, value and impact” – Elavon U.S, Global Bank, Hamza Siddiq – HR manager

Compassion, empathy and professionalism

“Mette has organised and run a series of very successful separated parents’ groups. The workshops are always on a relevant, engaging topic and are delivered with compassion, empathy and professionalism” – Stowe Family Law, Emma Newman – Managing Partner

She really listens to what you need

“Mette is incredibly easy to work with. She really listens to what you need and adapts her materials to suit the audience” – Homestart Slough, Emily Sampson – Trustee

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