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How can a membership programme help you with parenting?

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I get it, parenting can be so confusing: our kids are not born with a manual, and we don’t get an education to raise them. And there is so much different advice out there on how to parent. But also, all our kids are unique, and all our families are different so what might work for some might not work for others.

But also, family life is always in a constant flow of transitions; Once you get used to being pregnant, you have to learn to deliver, then deal with a baby who suddenly become a toddler and bang a primary school, teen and so forth.  We are always on the  look to learn about the next step in family life.

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On top of all that parenting is a busy life (we are always physical on the go: daily chores, work, picking and dropping kids or mindfully on the go, think about all the things that need to be done and remembered in the family). So, it can be difficult to find the time, energy, and motivation to attend parenting classes, research support and get the help we need.

That is the beauty about this program, you can easily search for what you need, when you need it and find a video, handout, printable activity, podcast that match that your current needs.


  • PARENTING SUPPORT IN YOUR POCKET– you will have it with you at all time when you need some parenting advice.
  • Easy to access no matter where you are: waiting for kids to come out from school, in queue, travelling, having a bath, lunch break. 


  • PARENTING AS A TEAM – you and your partner can use the same site which will help you to parent as a team by accessing the same information 
  • Two week FREE trial  
  • 30 day money back guarantee 
  • Monthly payments
  • Can stop payment at any time 
  • After 6 months you get a certificate, extension offer (with reduced fee) and another private coaching session with me for 1 ½ hrs 


  • YOUR 24/7 PARENTING LIBRARY –  All families are different, and all children are unique, the tools and videos you will have access to will help you build you own parenting tool box with the strategies you need for you particular situation and values, right now. 
  • A family is always in transition, so you will be able to gain information about toddlers, primary kids, tweens and teens, special needs, parenting before during and after divorce, bullying, confidence, homework, routines, chores, rule etc. 
  • The program is flexible to meet your needs and if it is not, you can email me and we will create it for you.

What do you get for your membership?

  • 1½ hour private coaching session with Mette Theilmann – See T&C’s
  • Private Parenting Group: Weekly parenting booster tools – ask questions – share success – parenting tips and tools – invitation to my other events for free – invite other professionals in to talk: mindfulness, healthy eating as a family, self-care, stress etc.
  • A program that is alive all the time: I am always adding new tools, handouts, videos, podcast etc. If you contact me to ask, I questions I.e. ‘How to deal with my kids when they say I hate you’ – I will answer your question on in the program with a new video – so always new tips coming in. And you are never alone: in this program you can attend 2 monthly meet up (a morning and an evening) – where you will meet likeminded parent, can ask question, share your situation.

You also get access to a  24/7 Parenting Library

We are so confident that you will love our program that
we want to give you TWO WEEKS FREE to check out what’s on offer.

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Companies investing in your employees

Consider investing in some extra parenting support for your employees? But know they your parents will struggle finding time to access webinars, workshops or to research the support they need for their unique family and set up?
Parents today, particularly working parents, are under more pressure than ever before. These pressures that can leave them confused, frustrated, and stressed, often have a knock-on effect on their family’s wellbeing as well as their own productivity and wellbeing at work.

I believe that by working with companies providing the best support to parents things at home will be OK and parents are more likely to enter the workplace with a more positive and focused mind-set.

My Program help businesses improve on the overall health and wellbeing of their parent employees so they can create family, life & work integration.

The Parenting Membership Program is accessible (can access in their time and space) and flexible (will meet their individual needs) and at the same time affordable.
As a company you can purchases membership bonus for your parents in one block

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Schools looking to support their parenting community

I recognise that parents today are under more pressure than ever before. Pressures that can leave them confused, frustrated and stressed. Which can have a knock-on effect on their children who are more likely to come to school with high stress levels, tired or unhappy, or with low confidence. All of which can affect their academic, social and emotional wellbeing.
By working with schools, providing the right support to parents, I can help parents become positive role models that their children will follow by example. Gain confidence in stepping into the role as the parent when have to and at the same time create a positive and healthy connection. Together, we can nurture children to become happy, independent, confident and sociable learners, fully equipped to deal with life as it is and the future to come.
As a school you can offer the Parenting Membership Program to your parents for a reduced fee so everyone can afford it.

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