Create a calm & connected family, based on teamwork & collaboration

Second event in a series of five: Create a calm & connected family, based on teamwork & collaboration.  With your parenting goals and newly learned skills we will help you build a strong connection with each of your children that will help create a more harmonised home.  Furthermore, we will explore how we can work […]

Supporting your child to master their emotions and your own

Fourth event in a series of five: Supporting your child to master their emotions and your own.  Often our kids’ behaviours and words can bring out deep emotions in us that can get in the way of parenting the way we know we should. But with the right tools we can learn to master them […]

Raising an independent child with additional needs

Our job is to raise independent children who can grow up to become well-adjusted adults – no matter who they are. Parenting a child can be hard, but parenting a child with additional needs can often bring it to the next level; There is so much extra task to do and attend to, so many […]

Supporting Children with Neurodiversity: Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviour at Home

Neurodiversity is a natural variation in human brains and minds, that includes people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and other conditions. We will briefly define neurodiversity and discuss the common challenging behaviours associated with it. Explain the goal of managing challenging behaviour and why it is important to support […]

Supporting children through divorce & beyond

Perhaps you are worried about the potentially damaging effect your divorce might have on your children, and you'd like to know how best to support them through.  However old your children are, this webinar will give you tips and techniques to support and empower them to cope and thrive.

Parenting LGBTQ+ children: What? How? When? Why?

Your presenter: Cath is part of the LGBTQ+ community and is passionate about creating a non-judgemental, safe space for her clients. Whilst she brings an insider knowledge, her focus is on parents, and supporting them to deal with the complexities and common familial challenges that come with navigating diverse genders and sexualities. When your child […]

LGBTQ+ inclusion: What do we do when (for teachers)

Navigating diverse genders and sexualities in an international school environment can be complex. This webinar will help you to get confident with dealing with LGBTQ+ student issues. Remove uncertainty and anxiety, prevent mistakes, and learn how to make informed decisions in accordance with school policies and the best interests of the LGBTQ+ child.

How to communicate more constructively through divorce

How do you communicate effectively when emotions are running high, and your future feels uncertain? Perhaps you're scared and anxious, or maybe everything your ex says and does seems intended to hurt or score points.  This webinar will give you strategies to take a step back, identify and stay in control of your emotions, and […]