Laying the foundation of all good parenting

At this event we will explore some simple, but powerful, strategies that will help you become the parent you want, and need to be. Having the confidence to parent in a measured, assertive and fair way that sits well with you and still respects the child. Success starts at home: Create a calm and predictable […]

Teaching our child that their actions have consequences

Event 5 in a series of five: Teaching our child that their actions have consequences – both the negative and positive behaviours:  We have covered a lot in the other four events, and hopefully by now you are less likely to need consequences or to raise your voice. But kids will be kids so it […]

Being an LGBTQ+ Ally: What does it mean?

Are you an LGBTQ+ ally, but not sure how to show you are? How do you support an LGBTQ+ child that’s not yours?  Maybe you want to support your LGBTQ+ colleague, but feel awkward about how to tell them? Perhaps you think you’re an ally, but parts of the LGBTQ+ communities make you feel uncomfortable? […]