Here are 5 Tips to be a better and happier parent:

Connect – we need to connect before we can correct. Fully concentrate and focus on what is important right now. Zone-In to what your child is doing, saying, feeling. 10 minutes a day where you give them you 100% mindful attention will create a calmer and happier home.
Observation – don’t just LOOK at your child, SEE them. Fully observe your child from the inside out; their soft skin, the colour of their eyes, that smile you love etc.
Awareness – become aware of when your child is being good and ‘catch him at it’ and mention what you noticed and why you liked it. Become a more alert parent, one who becomes aware of all the positives rather than the negatives.
Space – create space to be with your child where you can both be relaxed and happy. No chores, worries or previous anger or disappointment just you, your child and a deep love.
Time – spend more special time with your child. Yes parenthood is a busy job but we need to create time to just BE. Time when we are not on the go but just to connect, observe, aware and have space!

Good luck

Mette Theilmann

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