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Parenting Journal

This Parenting Journal is a place for you to gather your thoughts and ideas, make a note and reflect on your parenting successes and challenges. There are no hard and fast rules for how to use this journal. You can use it to write your To-Do lists. You can write down your daily thoughts, almost like a diary, when you’re on the train or about to go to bed. You can use it as a place to note any challenges or worries you might have about your family life, your children, work or yourself. This is YOUR space for your thoughts and reflections and you can write what and when you want.



The not so happy Prince

The little story is for when the weather gets rough (for both adults and kids).



Poems for parents

The aim of this collection of thirty seven poems is to share my experience of the ups and downs of family life – that there is no one right way to do things and our emotions are not always what we would consider good ones.



Stress 'n' Stuff - Tackling Tough Times

This book shares the extraordinary stories of ordinary people and how they have responded to and overcome the challenges in their lives. It also shares positive solutions for peace of mind, tips and techniques which you can use for yourself when times are tough. Discover how you can use your fingertips to eliminate negative thoughts, emotions, and memories, learn how to do self-hypnosis for yourself and lots of other helpful stuff for those tough times in your life.


Stress 'n' Stuff - Tackling Student Stress

This book helps uni students to explore the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, WHY of their own stress and discover HOW to deal with to stay in control at all times, If they are struggling, feeling anxious, stressed, lost, isolated and fearful, this book can help them to get back in control of both thoughts and feelings-and stay there! It is a self help guide which shows students how to overcome stressful times.