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Parenting Journal

This Parenting Journal is a place for you to gather your thoughts and ideas, make a note and reflect on your parenting successes and challenges. There are no hard and fast rules for how to use this journal. You can use it to write your To-Do lists. You can write down your daily thoughts, almost like a diary, when you’re on the train or about to go to bed. You can use it as a place to note any challenges or worries you might have about your family life, your children, work or yourself. This is YOUR space for your thoughts and reflections and you can write what and when you want.



The not so happy Prince

The little story is for when the weather gets rough (for both adults and kids).



Poems for parents

The aim of this collection of thirty seven poems is to share my experience of the ups and downs of family life – that there is no one right way to do things and our emotions are not always what we would consider good ones.



The Parrots Eat 'em All: Every day recipes for natural pain relief

This mini cookbook contains quick and easy to follow recipe ideas so that you can include more foods in your daily diet that contain naturally occurring anti-inflammatory qualities. There are recipes for everyday meals, snacks and drinks, all using easy to find ingredients.


Stress 'n' Stuff - Tackling Student Stress

This book helps uni students to explore the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, WHY of their own stress and discover HOW to deal with to stay in control at all times, If they are struggling, feeling anxious, stressed, lost, isolated and fearful, this book can help them to get back in control of both thoughts and feelings-and stay there! It is a self help guide which shows students how to overcome stressful times.



The Nutrikins

This fun and educational book, written by a qualified nutritionist introduces you to a friendly group of fruit and vegetable characters who share their stories through recipes and rhymes. Kids and the rest of family will love getting to know the Nutrikins and sampling their simple and healthy recipes.



Living Elsewhere

100 cartoons about what it’s like to live outside of your home country – the fun stuff and the TRUTH! A perfect leaving gift for global nomads, expats and TCK…or give it to your family and friends at ‘back home’ to help them understand your life


Stress 'n' Stuff - Tackling Tough Times

This book shares the extraordinary stories of ordinary people and how they have responded to and overcome the challenges in their lives. It also shares positive solutions for peace of mind, tips and techniques which you can use for yourself when times are tough. Discover how you can use your fingertips to eliminate negative thoughts, emotions, and memories, learn how to do self-hypnosis for yourself and lots of other helpful stuff for those tough times in your life.


Break up crisis

Are you feeling heartbroken at the sudden end of a relationship?
Not sure where to turn, or what to do?
Are you feeling alone and scared of the future?

This book is for you. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Empathetic and packed with easy-to-use strategies, this book is an essential guide for anyone facing a sudden separation. It will help you to manage your emotions, take back control over your life, make empowered choices and, when you are ready, create the blueprint you need for a new and vibrant life.





23 Parenting tools

In this book I have brought together 23 of the most common challenges that parents bring to me in my work as a parent and family coach and aligned them with a number of simple tools that you can refer to according to your current situation and challenges.

In this book you will find tools, motivational blogs, articles, poems and quotes to inspire you and hopefully make you smile. But the main aim is to guide you towards getting the balance right between spending positive time with your children and at the same time having the confidence and tools to set boundaries when needed. Boundaries that sit well with you, and your values, and still respect the child.

This will help you to create more positivity, co-operation and connection in your home instead of anger, stress, battles and yelling. By bringing all of this together hopefully you will begin to feel (and act) in a more measured, assertive and confident way as a parent.


Baby Daze

A relatable, witty, sentimental and candid glimpse into life with a newborn.
The poems are short, accessible and easy to read – even for sleep-deprived new mums.
Recommended in ‘Mother & Baby’ magazine’s ‘3 of the best funny books’ feature.  CLICK here to buy

Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 mins

The essential book for frazzled mums. Fed up with feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted? Discover the brilliantly simply way to stay calm, enjoy your kids more and get more done in just 5 minutes a day for 30 days..  CLICK here to buy

Drop the Fake Smile

Do you agree to things and then regret it? Do you try to keep the peace and feel worn out? Do you feel like you give so much in relationships at home and at work, but don’t get back what you give? Then it’s time to ‘Drop the Fake Smile’!  CLICK here to buy

The Bounce Back Journey Of Parenting

The Bounce Back Journey Of Parenting is a collection of real life stories of overcoming difficulties as a parent. Children do not come with a manual and everyone parents differently. We live in this modern age where work, family, relationships, social life and health all play their part in supporting or undermining your role as a parent. This book acts as a reminder that being a parent is one of the toughest roles you will ever have, and one of the most rewarding.

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Letter To My Teenage Self

Letters to My Teenage Self is a heartfelt collaboration between thirteen authors who faced a variety of teenage struggles and want you to know that you are not alone. Featuring letters on everything from coping with loss to handling social pressure, this book is packed with advice that will inspire you and fill you with hope for the future.

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