I have always been against ‘buying’ things on mother’s day, and actually also Valentine’s Day and all the ‘made up by shops days’. But I do LOVE when my children make me something to show their appreciating for the mother I am to them! Here is a poem from my daughter!

Just a Poem for you!

‘Every day is Mother’s day’.
I know that is what you like to say,
The cards and flowers and mother theme,
Is just a money making scheme,
And while  it’s true: It’s overrated,
It’s still nice to be appreciated,
So tanks for being so unique,
Your funny moments are really peak,
All your food and good advice,
Along with your company, is really nice,
You’re pretty chill and give me space,
And your personality I could never replace,
So much of me I get from you,
Like kindness and creative to mention a few,
But I’m proud to say that we’re related,
So here’s to you my fabulous mum,
All the all fun years still come
Michelle, your daughter¬