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Mette Theilmann
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My motto: We have no rights over our kids – only obligations and responsibilities.

It is our ‘job’ to raise our kids to become independent and responsible for themselves, the environment and others. But we can only do this if we have ‘earned’ the right to do so through ongoing connection and relationship building with our children that enables us to work together as a team.


I am an experienced and qualified life coach. My qualifications include:

Social Psychology Degree

Parent, Family & Youth Coach with the Coaching Academy of London

Level 3 City & Guilds “Working with Parents”

Webster Stratton Group Leader
Family Link Parent Facilitator
Degree in Nutrition
NLP practitioner

a bit about me

I am originally from DenmarkI’ve been married to an Irishman for 26 years and together we have three children aged 18, 20 and 22. As a family we have previously lived in Brussels, China and London and we currently live between Denmark, Ireland and the UK.

How my business has developed

I set up ParentingSuccess Coaching Ltd in 2006 to follow my passion for helping people with their parenting and life skills. I sold the company in 2019 when we made the decision as a family to spend more time in Denmark and Ireland. I established Predictable Parenting  brand in September of 2019.

Areas I cover

Corporate Parenting
Family, Life & Work Integration

Parents today, particularly working parents, are under more pressure than ever. This pressure can often leave parents confused, frustrated and stressed, that will have a  knock on effect on your children’s well-being, overall family and work life balance

I support working parents switching from work mode into family life – from employee to mum or dad, and vice versa. This will help them maintain their connection to home and still perform well at work.

By working closely with parents (or your company) I can help create a more harmonious home, where parents feel more in charge of overall life. 

Relocation/international family move

Are you moving your employee and family overseas? If the move has been properly planned and supported it is likely to have less of a negative effect on each family member. If the family adapts well to the move and things at home are balanced and running smoothly your employee is much more likely to settle well into his/her new role.

Work, life balance

Support your employees to create a family, work & life system that is tailored to their individual situation and values.

Adjusting to a new executive position in the company

Moving up in a company is an exciting and rewarding opportunity but also comes with new pressures and expectations for the employee and his/her family. I support your employees creating a work, life and family system that works for their situation and individual values. A healthy relationship between family and work enables your employees to focus and enjoy their work knowing that home is more harmonious.

How can we work together? I run online parenting seminars tailor made for the needs of your parents. Additionally, I offer one2one parenting support for the parents who needs additional support to create the family, life & work balance that work for them and their individual situation.  CLICK for more information about corporate parent coaching

Online parenting webinars

Interaction and connection with like-minded parents

All my workshops and webinars are run online in an interactive way and offer an opportunity to connect with like-minded parent. The workshops/webinars can be hired by your organisation, school or company, where I facilitate them for you and your parents at your chosen location (or online).


Say NO & set boundaries, without guilt

Starting Wednesday the 26th of May at 10am 2021

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One to One Coaching
How does coaching work?

I can offer you individual/couples support in overcoming challenges within your family. In a safe and non-judgmental environment I will create a space for you to explore what is going on in your family life.  In the sessions we will focus on ‘looking forward’, setting achievable and realistic goals for the future. I also offer online coaching.

What to expect from parent coaching

I believe that everyone is capable of working things out for themselves. After all, we know our children and ourselves better than anyone else.  However, we might not always have the time, energy or inspiration to do so without a little help.

What parents have said about my work

“Mette conducted interactive parenting events for the Parents of Year 10 boys. They were run in an informative, helpful and professional way St. James’s Boy School Ashford Lorraine Soares – Academic Director

 “Mette is a wonderful presenter who clearly knows her stuff” – Bishopsgate School Egham, Dan Boorman – Deputy Headmaster

Support for Schools
I support your school community!

I support parents to create a stronger connection and communication with each family members that will lead to a more harmonious and balanced home.

It is our ‘job’ to raise our kids to become independent and responsible for themselves, the environment and others. But we can only do this if we have ‘earned’ the right to do so through ongoing connection and relationship building with our children that enables us to work together as a team.

Mette Theilmann provides webinars for schools, corporates and organisations as well as private 1-1 coaching.

The 3 C’s. Creating stronger…


for parents

“We are our kids’ strongest role model”

My coaching philosophy

The two best things you can do for your children are: Looking after yourself; if you are ok the family will be ok and parent as a team with your partner!

Connect before correct! As parents we will always have to deal with our kids’ behaviour at some stage. But this will become so much easier if our starting point is closeness and trust instead of distance and hostility.

“No one said that parenting was going to be easy!”

By attending parent coaching I can’t guarantee that your family struggles and battles will go away. But I CAN guarantee that you will walk away with solutions that will fit your individual family life.

There is no ‘right way’ of parenting – only the  right way for YOU and your family:

All families are unique and all family members are individual. Together we will explore a parenting style that works for you and fits your family values and situation.

“The weak don’t ask for help so stay weak…asking for help is a sign of strength, growth and change” – John Wooden

Parent Coaching is ‘Time Out’ for you, to invest in your family’s future.

We are our kids strongest role model:

With our behaviour, attitude and way of thinking we set the scene at home. I help you to understand how your kids see, feel and hear you in order to create an atmosphere that you are happy for your kids to copy!

Have you missed any of my webinars or workshops and would like to watch them?

If so, I have made them available either free via my website or by clicking on a link to eventbrite to purchase the link to access the chargeable events.

Please see my latest free webinars




Become the parent you want to be

What people say about my service

Informative, helpful and professional

“Mette conducted interactive parenting events for the Parents of Year 10 boys. They were run in an informative, helpful and professional way – St. James’s Boy School Ashford Lorraine Soares – Academic Director

Wonderful presenter

“Mette is a wonderful presenter who clearly knows her stuff” – Bishopsgate School Egham, Dan Boorman – Deputy Headmaster

Best choice by far

“I had done quite a lot of research to find a partner to deliver interventions to help our working parents. Mette was the best choice by far in terms of expertise, value and impact” – Elavon U.S, Global Bank, Hamza Siddiq – HR manager

Compassion, empathy and professionalism

“Mette has organised and run a series of very successful separated parents’ groups. The workshops are always on a relevant, engaging topic and are delivered with compassion, empathy and professionalism” – Stowe Family Law, Emma Newman – Managing Partner

She really listens to what you need

“Mette is incredibly easy to work with. She really listens to what you need and adapts her materials to suit the audience” – Homestart Slough, Emily Sampson – Trustee

Other topics I cover:

Positive parenting during separation

Parenting can be tough, but parenting before, during and after a separation brings parenting to a whole different level. Separation is one of the most stressful things that a family can go through and often causes friction between you, your children, other family members or friends. Having worked very closely with family solicitors for the last 3 years I can support you and your family through this challenging time with the least negative impact. 

Connect instead of correct

Connection is at the heart of all good parenting.  You might feel that due to too many conflicts and battles in your home you have lost the ‘connection’ or positive relationship with your kids, your partner and yourself. Through coaching I help you connect with your family through the 4 simple but powerful Rs: Rules, Routine, Responsibilities & Relationship. Together these will help you restore the balance when family life has got a bit out of control. 

Managing your own (and family) health

Managing your / your family’s health & well-being can seem like a mammoth task at times. And especially in this information age where we are bombarded with daily, often conflicting, advice about what we should and shouldn’t do in order to stay healthy, happy and well. It can be so confusing to know what to do and where to start. Things Take Time. Managing a healthy lifestyle does take a bit of effort. Particularly in the beginning when we might have to change old habits in order to create new ones. I will help guide you on a new journey towards a healthier lifestyle that suits you, and above all is manageable, with a structure to help you succeed. I will support you to set achievable and realistic goals and explore what is holding you back and why. And then the fun starts: how to get there, with lots of practical steps, new fun food recipes and a change of mindset.


Special Needs Children

Sometimes family life doesn’t work out the way we thought it would and have planned. I can for sure talk about myself. I never ‘planned’ to have special needs children and when I did I struggled.

Let’s face it, SEN parents are awesome!
If you are a parent of a child with any special needs then I am here to support you with our 3 step guide to SEN parenting.

1.     Relationships & Connection: depending on the need your child it can sometimes be hard to play, interact or have time to spend quality time with our child.  I help you find ‘your thing’ that will glue you together and for a little while forget the struggles and just focus on connecting as parent and child!  Furthermore, you are now a ‘special needs family’, by this I mean when one family member struggles and have challenges the family as a whole is effect and therefor equally need attention and support to feel hear, understood and function under the given circumstances.

2.     Let go of what is ‘normal and ‘should be’: use your common sense and parenting instinct. When I had children with special needs I had to let go of all that was ‘normal’ and ‘should be’ and start being a bit flexible in my way of doing, dreaming and hoping! Let me help you see your situation for what it is and set realistic and positive expectation to your self and each family member!

3.     Stay positive: Try not to be affected by all the things your child cannot do and might never will do – but instead focus on all that he/she CAN do. Our children are SO interesting and unique, once we allow this to shine through we can truly enjoy them and allow them to be who they are meant to be!

Parenting as a Team

Most parents have argued at some point over how to raise their children. This is normal because we all bring different values, backgrounds and expectations to the relationship. These differences can often cause tension and frustration between parents. It is ok to have different views and it is ok to agree to disagree. But it is NOT ok to involve the children, bring the tension into the home or make them sit in the middle of adult conflicts.  These disagreements are not good for the children to experience,  they might start viewing themselves as the cause of the arguments, blaming themselves or start using the situation as a ‘tool’ to get what they want. Through coaching I support you to put forward your frustrations in a measured way, listen to each other’s views, set joint agreed goals and move forward together in a way that you are both comfortable with that suits your family life.

Angry feelings that can hold you back from being the parent you want to be

When we lose our temper, yell or tell our kids off we might feel stronger in the moment but essentially we have given away our power!  We have ‘lost it’! Through coaching we will look at how we can maintain control of our own feelings and behaviour (we can’t and shouldn’t control anyone other than ourselves) and respond in a measured (not impulsive) way whereby we can be proud of ourselves and act as a good role-model.

Creating time for yourself

Family life gets busy and it is so easy to put ourselves at the bottom of the ‘care’ list and attend to others’ needs first. But we might be at risk of running ourselves down which means we have less energy and time to attend to our family when they really need us. I help you to create time and tools that will energise you and make you feel more than ‘just’ being mum or dad: Self-care is the best care, not a luxury!

Say NO and set effective limits

Consequences can be so hard to implement when we have a defiant child and we are living life at 100 miles an hour. We might end up reacting aggressively or unfairly which makes us feel guilty later on, or stop us from saying NO altogether for fear of further battles and difficult feelings to manage. But saying NO and setting limits effectively is a sign of love. You are telling your child, ‘I love you too much to behave like that!’, ‘You are worthy of my time and discipline!’ and so on. Being able to say NO and set limits in an appropriate way makes us safe company to be with and creates a sense of safety and order in your home.

Helping families abroad

It can be an amazing experience to live abroad with your children. To learn a different culture and language can be an opportunity to teach our kids so many valuable things about life, people, culture and languages. But it also comes with challenges. If you and your partner also have different cultural backgrounds and languages then it might need a bit of planning. 

 You are your kids biggest role model if you enjoy the processleading up to your move abroad, it is likely that your children will be positive about it too. The years spent overseas should be an invaluable and fulfilling experience for all family members, and this is more likely to happen if you communicate well about the changes to come, plan ahead and work together.

Cultural Family life

Furthermore, I offer support to families where mum and dad have different nationalities and may even be living in an Expat environment. Kids are amazing and can learn and adapt to so much as long as they feel safe and prepared.

I have lived in Belgium, China and London with my 3 kids. They speak English to their Dad and Danish to me. In Brussels they went to a Belgian school and spoke French. In China they went to a Chinese school and spoke Mandarin. They have a strong cultural identity with both my husband’s country and mine, and with the one they live in. 

Useful links:

www.vidunderligeuger.dk This is a Danish website which has a lot of very useful information about fetal development and baby development.

www.sunflowerautismeconsultancy.com has 13 years experience with Autistic children of all ages has shown that the earlier we diagnose and begin work, the more children can flourish and grow to their full potential. They are now running online workshops: Julia can offer a private online training workshop where she will present information about autism.

MyMoodStars Tactile toys and a highly effective developmental resource : The eight My Mood Stars enable children to immerse themselves in imaginative play, either by themselves or with others. This offers a fun opportunity for children to talk about how they are feeling. The Stars, Timid, Sad, Angry, Happy, Sleepy, Surprised, Scared, and Silly can be used to set the scene for endless stories and games to be played with a downloadable activity sheet.

Karine Zbinden is a Certified Life Coach and University Teacher with over 20 years experience teaching, mentoring and training students and young graduates. In her coaching practice she specialises in helping women find a new purpose and boost their confidence when they want to focus on their professional goals again once their children become (more) independent. She offers 1:1 life coaching and hosts a free, friendly and supportive community, ‘Back to me: Career after kids’, where she gives lots of hints and tips and hosts special trainings. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to drop her a line (hello@karinezbinden.com). If you’d like to get starting on boosting your confidence, you can download her free ‘6 Top Tips to Boost Your Confidence‘.

STRESSWORX – Positive Solutions for Peace of Mind
Ruth specialises in providing practical skills and solutions to understand and manage stress in both personal and professional situations.
As a THERAPIST – She offers individual therapy to adults, teenagers and children to explore and address the wide range of issues that result in stress, including negative behaviour patterns, habits, fears, phobias, cravings and addictions, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, exam nerves, panic attacks – anything that holds people back at home or work.
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